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Kolmimaaottelusta uuteen urheilevaan Eurooppaan? Suomen ja Saksan urheiluyhteistyö 1940–1942. Turunen, Joonas Olli Pietari. University of Helsinki.
Comparing cell polarization models using local perturbation analysis. DuTôt, Meghan. University of British Columbia.
Doctoral thesis recital (violoncello). Xin, Yi. University of Texas – Austin.
Dental and craniofacial phenotypes of transgenic mice for vasorin, a molecule recently involved in calcium and phosphate homeostasis. Mohammed, Jiyar Mohammed Naji. Paris 5.
Ecuaciones en diferencias racionales. Cascales Vicente, Antonio. Universidad de Murcia.
Mapping the fit: library and information services and the national transformation agenda in South Africa, Part II. Stilwell, Christine. University of KwaZulu-Natal.
The effectiveness of spinal manipulation and dry needling versus spinal manipulation and Traumeel®S injectable solution in the treatment of mechanical neck pain associated with trapezius myofascial trigger points. Abdul-Rasheed, Ashura. Durban University of Technology.
Stability of dental alloys in artificial saliva: an electrochemical and XPS investigation. Pisu, Manuela. Università di Cagliari.
Parental care in northern flickers: sex-related patterns of foraging, provisioning, and habitat use. Gow, Elizabeth. University of Saskatchewan.
Une étude comparative de méthodes d'assimilation de données pour des modèles océaniques. Abdelnur Ruggiero, Giovanni. Université Nice Sophia Antipolis.
Doctoral thesis recital (composition). Greene, Ethan Frederick. University of Texas – Austin.
Cancer patient decision-making and relational autonomy related to clinical trial participation. Bell, Jennifer Ann Harrison. University of British Columbia.
Incorporate elastic and inelastic scattering into image calculation for low-voltage transmission electron microscope. Lee, Zhongbo. Universität Ulm.
Quantification of the risk of Phytophthora dieback in The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area. Newby, Zoe Joy. University of Sydney.
YOLO! - You Only Live Once. Onderzoek naar het goede leven in de digitale leefwereld van jongeren. Pepping, Thijs. Universiteit Utrecht.
Toimijuus, rakenne ja kulttuuri nuorten palveluiden johtamisessa. Etnografinen tapaustutkimus sosiaali- ja terveysvirastojen yhdistymisestä. Malin, Petra. University of Helsinki.
Data famine in big data era : machine learning algorithms for visual object recognition with limited training data. Guo, Zhenyu. University of British Columbia.
Random and rational evolution of tautomerase superfamily members : analysis and implications. Darty, Joseph Edward. University of Texas – Austin.
Culpa patronal en actividades de minería subterránea en Colombia. Sánchez Cubides, Alexander. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
ZnO nanostructures for sensing and photovoltaic devices: Zinc oxide nanostructures for sensing and photovoltaic devices. Mohseni Kiasari, Nima. University of British Columbia.
Enemmän glasnostia! Poliittisen käsitteen synty ja elämä Neuvostoliitossa sekä Venäjällä 1985–1995. Laine, Veera. University of Helsinki.
Doctoral thesis recital (choral conducting). Bolin, Joseph. University of Texas – Austin.
Diatom-based reconstruction of Late Glacial and Early Holocene environment in the Pyrenees = Reconstrucción ambiental del Tardiglaciar y el Holoceno Temprano en los Pirineos utilizando el registro sedimentario de diatomeas. Rivera Rondón, Carlos Alberto. Universitat de Barcelona.
Intraspecific Variation of Three Phenotypic Morphs of Daphnia pulicaria in the presence of a Strong Environmental Gradient. Gittens, Ariel. Queen's University.
Role and status of the basic pharmaceutical sciences in pharmacy education : a case study of the UBC BSc(Pharm) program. Albon, Simon Piers. University of British Columbia.
Evaluación del uso de los videojuegos como medio de enseñanza-aprendizaje. Una perspectiva desde la opinión de los estudiantes de Grado de la Universidad de Murcia. Sánchez Rodríguez, Pedro Antonio. Universidad de Murcia.
A field study of specificity in the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. Forsythe, Jennifer Ann. University of British Columbia.
Living in Retail: the search for possibilities to transform existing retail into living:. Witlox, M.J.C. Delft University of Technology.
Slope to basin-floor evolution of channels to lobes, Jurassic Los Molles Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina. Vann, Nataleigh Kristine. University of Texas – Austin.
Compossibility. Chiek, YUAL. Queen's University.
Ice Prevention or Removal of Veteran's Glass City Skyway Cables. Arbabzadeganhashemi, SeyedAli. University of Toledo.
Doctoral thesis recital (organ). Jeong, Sangjin. University of Texas – Austin.
Transforming coercive processes with a Korean family of a child with a developmental disabilities and problem behaviour. Kwon, Samantha Jin-Oh. University of British Columbia.
Value chain optimization of a forest biomass power plant considering uncertainties. Shabani, Nazanin. University of British Columbia.
On the Growth Rate of Turbulent Mixing Layers: A New Parametric Model. Freeman, Jeffrey L. Cal Poly.
The Synthesis of Novel Gallium Carbenes, Nitrenes, Phosphinidenes and Alkoxides. Cummins, Struan John Wright. Victoria University of Wellington.
Trace element analysis of native gold by laser ablation ICP-MS : a case study in greenstone-hosted quartz-carbonate vein ore deposits, Timmins, Ontario. Velasquez, Alejandro. University of British Columbia.
Characterization of the Visceral Endoderm Components in Early Post-Implantation Mouse Embryo Development: A Dissertation. Huang, Tingting. University of Massachusetts Medical School.
Challenges in Canadian Cultural Discourses: Multiculturalism vis-à-vis Interculturalism and the Political 'Othering' of Canada's Cultural Fabric . Nassrallah, Mireille. University of Ottawa.
Type 2 diabetes in rural Uganda : prevalence, risk factors, perceptions and implications for the health system. Mayega, Roy William. Karolinska Institute.
Microwave electrodynamics of the high-Tc superconductor Tl2Ba2CuO6+delta. Aghigh, Seyed Mahyad. University of British Columbia.
Ucwaningo lokuhlola izinselelo ezibhekene nothisha abakhuluma isiZulu ulimi lwebele lapho befundisa isiZulu ulimi lokuqala lokwengeza kubafundi abakhuluma isiZulu njengolimi lwesibili. Zulu, Muriel Nokukhanya. University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Trans-situtational interventions : generalization of behaviour support across group home and family home settings. Reiman, Benjamin Adolph. University of British Columbia.
United Nations Environmental Council:. Bosch, M.C. Delft University of Technology.
Building and Maintaining Plankhouses at Two Villages on the Southern Northwest Coast of North America. Shepard, Emily Evelyn. Portland State University.
Stressrelaterad psykisk ohälsa; upplevelser och behandling inom primärvård. Arvidsdotter, Tina. University of Gothenburg / Göteborgs Universitet.
Ledelse af innovationer og forandringer. Kragh, Marianne. Roskilde University.
Mapping the fit: library and information services and the national transformation agenda in South Africa, Part I. Stilwell, Christine. University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Sintesi di molecole organiche enantiomericamente arricchite con l'uso della catalisi organica. Pitzanti, Patrizia. Università di Cagliari.
Genetic and immunologic aspects of acute pancreatitis. An odyssey. Nijmeijer, R.M. Universiteit Utrecht.
Doctoral thesis recital (piano). Chen, Zhishuai. University of Texas – Austin.
On Collective Action: underpinning the plural subject with a model of planning agency. Kisolo-Ssonko, Joseph. University of Sheffield.
A multi-tracer study of the role of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean carbon cycle. Brown, Kristina Anne. University of British Columbia.
Exploring Father Involvement: Fathers' Accounts of Paternal Involvement. Metzger, Bethany Louise. University of Waterloo.
"I am excessively diverted" : recent adaptations of Pride and Prejudice on television, film, and digital media. Cant, Whitney. University of British Columbia.
Fire history and climate-fire relations in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. Chavardès, Raphaël Daniel. University of British Columbia.
And Then It All Came Crashing. Kasinger, Michael B. Bowling Green State University.
Explaining Ballot Initiative Contest Outcomes in California, Oregon, and Washington. Stroo, Hans Daniel. Portland State University.
Modélisation spatiale des effets de communauté. Batmanov, Kirill. Université des Sciences et Technologie de Lille – Lille I.
Sparc (Osteonectin): new insight into the function and regulation = Sparc (Osteonectin): nuevos conocimientos sobre sus funciones y regulación. Torres Núñez, Eva. Universitat de Barcelona.
Aplicación de índices de vegetación derivados de imágenes satelitales Landsat 7 ETM+ y ASTER para la caracterización de la cobertura vegetal en la zona centro de la provincia de Loja, Ecuador. Gonzaga Aguilar, Carlos. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Configuration Tool and Experimental Platform for Pointing Devices. Jin, Jiawei. University of Helsinki.
Ispitivanje reakcija hidrolize i kompleksiranja u rastvorima aluminijum(III)-jona i nekih fluorohinolona metodom elektrosprej-tandem masene spektrometije. Cvijović Mirjana. University of Kragujevac.
A contextual study of information literacy of aspirant barristers in Nigeria. Underwood, Peter. University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Doubly-robust Estimators in Observational Studies with and without a Stratified Sub-sample. Bai, Xiaofei. North Carolina State University.
Doctoral thesis recital (jazz composition). Kim, Christian Jinsan. University of Texas – Austin.
Use of a mindfulness practice to decrease problem behaviour and increase engaged time of three students in an elementary school setting. Shababi Shad, Sara. University of British Columbia.
Stadt, Meer und mehr - Vandets betydning for København og Helsingør set med tyske øjne. Mortensen, Benny. Roskilde University.
Framing Health: explanations of disadvantages in Taiwanese indigenous health from the perspectives of the government, the media and the experts. Gao, I-An. University of Helsinki.
Reeducación del individuo mediante el método grafotransformador. Valls i Morató, Joaquim. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.
Analysis of WNT5A function in development and disease using the chicken model. Hosseini-Farahabadi, Sara. University of British Columbia.
Theory of Spatial Similarity Relations and Its Applications in Automated Map Generalization. Yan, Haowen. University of Waterloo.
Otherworlds : teachers' experiences of power vis à vis accountability policies in South Carolina. Adkins Cartee, Mary Rebecca. University of British Columbia.
Study of Islamic Teaching Methods in Saudi Arabia. Alotaibi, Sultan. Bowling Green State University.
Truth or dare – the changing norms of journalism. Performing verification and authentication on amateur visuals in Finnish newsrooms. Sirén, Stefanie. University of Helsinki.
Friends or Foes?: Examining Social Capital of International NGOs and Food Security Programs. Kraner, Mariah Ann. Portland State University.
Library 2.0: revolution or evolution? Underwood, Peter G. University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Doctoral thesis recital (trumpet). Ruiz, Adrian G. University of Texas – Austin.
Mawas - et casesudie i skovbevarelse og bæredygtig udvikling. Engel, Denice. Roskilde University.
Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) for Characterization of Particles in Solution. Asiala, Steven M. University of Notre Dame.
Stepped-ness in medium density housing: The stepped dwellings. Batchelor, Emily. Victoria University of Wellington.
Source strength verification and quality assurance of sterile, pre-loaded iodine-125 seed trains used for prostate brachytehrapy. Afsarigolshan, Maryam. University of British Columbia.
Empirically Interrelating Stellar Chromospheric Activity, Photometric Variability, and Radial Velocity Variations to Enhance Planet Discovery. Bastien, Fabienne Anne. Vanderbilt University.
Aberrant transforming growth factor beta1-angiotensin II crosstalk in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease parenchymal fibroblasts. Wee, Tracee. University of British Columbia.
Public Opinion in the Political Thought of John Stuart Mill. Melleri, Antti. University of Helsinki.
Doctoral thesis recital (organ). Patterson, Linda. University of Texas – Austin.
An Intuitive Approach. Cody, Fonda. Virginia Commonwealth University.
Miniatures Matter: Agency and Affect in Photographs by Lori Nix. Postlewait, Mariah A. Bowling Green State University.
Country and language level differences in multilingual digital libraries. Gäde, Maria. Humboldt University of Berlin.
Relationship between high school antisocial behavior and the GABRA2 gene as moderated by peer deviance. Levan, Sydney. Virginia Commonwealth University.
Implementing principles of the Response To Intervention model: One school's application of the model. Wilson, Alana. University of Saskatchewan.
Pilgrims’ reflections on the Camino de Santiago and Glastonbury as expressions of vernacular religion: fieldworker’s perspective. Sepp, Tiina. Tartu University.
Optimal collaborative caching: theory and applications. Gu, Xiaoming (1980 - ). University of Rochester.
Including indirect environmental impacts of large infrastructure projects in Cost Benefit Analysis:. Rentzelou, A. Delft University of Technology.
Forced vibrations via Nash-Moser iterations. Fokam, Jean-Marcel. University of Texas – Austin.


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