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Computational electrocatalysis: methods and fundamental applications on CO2 reduction and formic acid oxidation. Granda Marulanda, L.P. Leiden University.
The influence of reported physical activity and and biological sex on carotid arterial distensibility in Canadians with diabetes. Droog, Connor A. McMaster University.
The Role of Goal Setting and Performance Feedback to Improve Teachers’ Classroom Management Skills. Criss, Caitlin J. The Ohio State University.
Genealogies: unpacking the photographic collection of a Natal Midlands farming family (1905 – 1950). Adams, T.H. Leiden University.
Exploring Gender Role Communication in Chinese International Student Couples. Liu, Shuo. University of Cincinnati.
Safety Net Learning Collaborative Aspects and Organizational Factors Impacting Innovation Implementation. Tiosha Bailey (11496070). University of Illinois – Chicago.
Delirium after surgery: prehabilitation, quality of life and risk factors in older patients. Janssen, T.L. Leiden University.
La escultura arquitectónica en terracruda: análisis tecnológico basado en la evidencia histórico-arqueológica y el estudio del conocimiento tradicional . López Prat, Mònica. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Evaluation of Point of Care Ultrasound Training for Midwives. Johnston, Bronte K. McMaster University.
Analysis of mutants impaired for respiratory growth in the model photosynthetic alga, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Castonguay, Andrew David. The Ohio State University.
Statistical methods for imaging data, imaging genetics and sparse estimation in linear mixed models. Opoku, Eugene A. University of Victoria.
Transforming emergent Icelandic tourist sites into sustainable and responsibly managed destinations: A case study of the 2021 Geldingadalur eruption in Iceland . Stephanie Elizabeth May Langridge 1991-. Reykjavík University.
Drivers and consequences of animal foraging behavior on seed dispersal and plant community composition. Tonos Luciano, Jadelys M. Rice University.
Somali American Music Participation in Secondary Public School Music Programs:Perceptions of Parents, Community Members, and a Cultural Liaison. Smith, Meredith Eve. The Ohio State University.
Characterizing Behaviors and Functions of Joints for Design of Origami-Based Mechanical Systems. Brown, Nathan Chandler. Brigham Young University.
Predicting Long-term Flourishing Outcomes Among Sensitive and Non-sensitive Children. Hanson-Cook, Blair, M.A. University of Cincinnati.
Methodologic Considerations in the Evaluation of Opioids and Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain. Noori, Atefeh. McMaster University.
The role of maternal variables on the behavioral and neurobiological correlates of reading during childhood. Greenwood, Paige B., B.S. University of Cincinnati.
On the connection between HLA and rheumatoid arthritis. Kampstra, A.S.B. Leiden University.
Strategic Plan Implementation: A Case Study of Barriers, Facilitators, and Change. ERIC J. ZGODZINSKI (11485484). University of Illinois – Chicago.
Integrating Explainability in Deep Learning Application Development: A Categorization and Case Study. Maltbie, Nicholas. University of Cincinnati.
Scratching beneath the surface: innovative treatment modalities for burn patients. Kwa, K.A.A. Leiden University.
Derecho humano de acceso a la información pública en Argentina: hacia una transparencia plena. Krikorian, Marcelo. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Above and beyond: Classification of Congenital Upper Limb Anomalies. Baas, Martijn. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Rafskoðanir og DMM . Hermundur Sigurðsson 1973-. Reykjavík University.
Prospección, recuperación, selección y pre-domesticación de plantas autóctonas con alto potencial funcional . Guijarro Real, Carla. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Magnetic Field Stabilisation System for the Lithium Experiment. van Ommen, Hendrik Benjamin. ETH Zürich.
Let the people speak: deliberative mini-publics: A pathway towards a participatory democracy? Eckardt, Franziska. University of Twente.
Structural variation in genomes and its role in disease. Vlaar, Judith Maria. University Utrecht.
Vliv elektrodového buzení na ohřev tkáně u transkutánního měření plynů . Abdalla Massad. Czech University of Technology.
Stress, obesity and mood disorders: towards breaking a vicious cycle. Koorneef, L.L. Leiden University.
From Urban to Communicational Problems? Manteuffel, Bastian. Humboldt University of Berlin.
Intrustion Detection in Soho Networks using Elasticsearch SIEM. Nwosu, Ikechukwu C. University of Cincinnati.
Lyric geography: geopoetics, practice, and place. Acker, Maleea. University of Victoria.
Differentielle Glykosylierung des IgG-Moleküls und ihre Krankheitsassoziationen bei Patienten mit Multipler Sklerose: Eine retrospektive Fall-Kontroll-Studie. Kreipe, Julia. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
The Shell evolution of the hydrocenidae of Malaysian Borneo. Khalik, Mohd Zacaery. NARCIS.
Stochastic Multiperiod Optimization of an Industrial Refinery Model. Boucheikhchoukh, Ariel. McMaster University.
Development of a Softpellet Formulation for Inhaled High-Dose Therapy. Etschmann, Christian Stefan. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Development of Zn-IV-N2 and III-N/Zn-IV-N2 Heterostructures for High Efficiency Light Emitting Diodes Emitting Beyond Blue and Green. Karim, Md Rezaul. The Ohio State University.
Diagnostic mathematics assessment in the third grade. Vermeulen, Jorine Adinda. University of Twente.
Карактеристике урбаних земљишта Београда и њихов значај за животну средину. Tešić, Mirjana, 1979-, 23264871. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
Asthma, Related Healthcare Seeking, Disease Management, Health Care Access, Health Education, and Healthcare Provider Health Communication Among Immigrants and Asian Americans. Jani, Sonia. University of Cincinnati.
Creating a Metagenomic Data Analysis Pipeline Using Simulated Infant Gut Microbiome Data for Genome-Resolved Metagenomics in the Infant Gut Microbiome. Singh, Bhavya. McMaster University.
Essays on Economics of Education and Health Policy. WANG, BO. The Ohio State University.
Planets in a different light. Petit dit de la Roche, Dominique. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Analyzing Patient-Physician Communication On Lifestyle Medicine To Promote Mental Health. Bhopa, Shania. McMaster University.
Misreporting of coverage and cost-related non-adherence to prescription drugs: an analysis using the Canadian Community Health Survey. Moore, Courtney. McMaster University.
Ann Hui's films under the influence of Hou Hsiao-hsien. Zhang, Songtao. University of Manitoba.
High Pressure Ratio Compressor Performance Design and Optimization. Naber, Logan A. University of Cincinnati.
"How American Am I?": Comparing American Identity among US Black Muslims. Ferguson, Jauhara. Rice University.
Efficient Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Modelling of Tuned Liquid Dampers. McNamara, Kevin P. McMaster University.
Dynamically balancing waves of enemies in video games . Ólafur Waage 1982-. Reykjavík University.
Characterization of Reward Sensitivity, Positive Affect and Working Memory in Socially Anxious Young Adults. Garcia, Katelyn M. Virginia Tech.
Single Cells in the Spotlight: Probing the kinetics of CRISPR Adaptation and Interference. McKenzie, R. Delft University of Technology.
Development of standardized dry roasting procedures for Virginia type peanuts. Khan, Jasim. Virginia Tech.
A Multi-view Video Based Deep Learning Approach for Human Movement Analysis. McGuirk, Connor. University of Ottawa.
Prävalenz postoperativer Wundinfektionen in der hepato-pankreato-biliären Chirurgie - Querschnittstudie an einem Universitätsklinikum. Bachmeier, Tanja. Universität Regensburg.
Interdependence in Complex Polycentric Governance Systems. McLaughlin, Danielle M. University of Cincinnati.
Financial Knowledge, Overconfidence, and Financial Behaviors of Individuals. Lee, Sunwoo T. The Ohio State University.
Throughput and Link Design Choices for Communication over LED Optical Wireless Channels. Mardanikorani, Shokoufeh. Eindhoven University of Technology.
Dynamische kontrastmittelverstärkte Magnetresonanztomographie im Xenotransplantationsmodell der Riesenzellarteriitis. Syed, Karolina. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Dancing on the shoulders of giants: knowledge dynamics of renewable energy technologies. Persoon, Peter Gerardus Jozefus. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Examining the effects of reciprocal peer-mediated check-in check out with an interdependent group contingency. Faler, Amanda L. University of Cincinnati.
River flood reconstruction in the Lower Rhine valley and delta : Water levels and discharges in past landscape contexts. Meulen, Bas van der. University Utrecht.
Repeated Biomarker Measurements in Acquired Heart Disease: Values and Limitations. van den Berg, Victor J. Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Effects of Advanced Surface Treatments on Microstructure, Residual Stress and Corrosion-Fatigue Behavior of Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6. Sharma, Anurag. University of Cincinnati.
“Oh, by the way, I’m broken. So, if you’re expecting an orgasm it probably will not happen”: An Exploration of Stigma Perceptions, Experiences, and Management of Sexual Health through Disclosure Processes. Tucker, Rachel V., B.A. University of Cincinnati.
Predictors of Empathy Among Dental Hygiene Undergraduate Students. Collins, David M. The Ohio State University.
Reducing the need for communication in remote, natural waveform co-simulations of electrical power systems: An adaptive approach. López, Claudio. Delft University of Technology.
Analysis of urban wind energy potential around high-rise buildings in close proximity using computational fluid dynamics. Juan, Yu-Hsuan. Eindhoven University of Technology.
Towards Transparency in the Selection, Appraisal, and Application of Health State Utility Values in Decision-Making. Zoratti, Michael. McMaster University.
Analysis of gender-specific behavior in the automotive retail business : an economic potential assessment based on the Volkswagen Group Retail Deutschland . Marc Simon Albert Wunnerlich 1995-. Reykjavík University.
How adaptive strategies of cooperation and cheating define the population dynamics of mitochondrial mutations. Gitschlag, Bryan. Vanderbilt University.
Polarimetric and spectral imaging approaches for quantitative characterization of inhomogeneous scattering media including biotissues. Peyvasteh, M. (Motahareh). University of Oulu.
Naturally Generated Decision Trees for Image Classification. Ravi, Sumved Reddy. Virginia Tech.
Deaf Education Teacher Preparation: Similarities and Difficulties in Council on Education of the Deaf Certified Programs. Thomas, Jean Elizabeth. Ashland University.
Systematics and biogeography of the Dissochaeta alliance (Melastomataceae). Kartonegoro, Abdulrokhman. NARCIS.
Procena izloženosti aflatoksinu B1 putem hrane u Republici Srbiji i efikasnost dekontaminacije pomoću ultraljubičastog zračenja. Udovički, Božidar, 1991-, 54071817. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
From molecular processes to clinical outcomes: Bridging metabolic models and machine learning in aging research. Cabbia, Andrea. Eindhoven University of Technology.
A Real-Time Computer Vision Based Framework For Urban Traffic Safety Assessment and Driver Behavior Modeling Using Virtual Traffic Lanes. Abdelhalim, Awad Tarig. Virginia Tech.
Understanding Multilingual Learners' Mathematical Experiences and Meaning Making in a Canadian Educational Setting. Assaf, Fatima. University of Ottawa.
Untersuchungen zur molekularen Pathologie der Bestrophinopathien. Nachtigal, Anna-Lena. Universität Regensburg.
Unwrapping the Emporium: Hudson’s Bay Company and the Legacy of Department Store Management in the Global Culture of Retailing. Rosebush, Emily. McMaster University.
An Armenian Reformer in Khrushchev's Kremlin: Anastas Mikoyan and the Politics of Difference in the USSR, 1953-1964. Shakarian, Pietro Annanias. The Ohio State University.
Procena kvaliteta finansijskih izveštaja velikih preduzeća u Republici Srbiji primenom modela zasnovanih na agregatnim merama. Miletić, Snežana, 1978-, 6274663. Univerzitet u Beogradu.
Solar flares as observed in the low frequency microwave gyrosynchrotron emission. Shaik, Shaheda Begum. New Jersey Institute of Technology.
Design of Multi-feed UWB Antennas using the Theory of Characteristic Modes . Peñafiel Ojeda, Carlos Ramiro. Universitat Politècnica de València.
Empirical Bayes applications in biomedical high-dimensional prediction. Münch, M.M. Leiden University.
A phenomenological model for morphology development of disperse polymer blends in complex flows. Wong, Wing-Hin Benjamin. Eindhoven University of Technology.
Systematics and biogeography of the Dissochaeta alliance (Melastomataceae). Kartonegoro, A. Leiden University.
Complex Attosecond Transient-absorption Spectroscopy. Hageman, Stephen James. The Ohio State University.
Understanding Decision-Making Needs of Open Government Data Users. Sundara Murthy, Svati. University of Cincinnati.
Analýza odezvy pulzních oxymetrů na změny saturace v závislosti na nastaveném průměrovacím čase . Angie Vanessa Gil León. Czech University of Technology.
Over beschaving en bedeling: De gemeentelijke armenzorg in Amsterdam tussen beschaven en bureaucratiseren van 1870 tot 1940. Maas, Jan Adriaan van der. University Utrecht.
Assessing potability of drinking-water sources and quality of surface water on the Reserve of the Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario (Canada). Makhdoom, Sawsan. McMaster University.
Developing a Public Health Workforce for the Future: How MPH programs are shifting to meet emergent needs. Genevive Meredith (11540193). University of Illinois – Chicago.
Untersuchungen zu der postoperativen Lebensqualität von Patienten mit peripherer arterieller Verschlusskrankheit. Schumacher, Katharina. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
Characterization of Vibration Test Fixtures using Modal Analysis. Hall, Melissa A. University of Cincinnati.

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